BIBle Study

The difference between a strong relationship with God and a weak relationship with God is time in the Word of God. When you study the Bible you are sowing God's Word into your heart. At CIA, we encourage every believer in Christ to spend time every day getting to know God by digging deeper into His Word! Here are a few resources to help you in your study time.

  • Bible Study Tips

    In this resource you will learn how to study and apply God's Word. Bible_Study_Tips.pdf

  • The Life of Jesus

    This resource goes through the life of Jesus in 30 days and helps you get a better understanding of his mission, purpose and calling. Life_of_Jesus_in_30Days.pdf

  • 30 Days of Psalms

    This resource will result in more thankfulness and emotional healing! Psalms_in30Days.pdf

  • The Gospels in 30 Days

    Have you every wanted to read through the gospels? Well, you can in 30 days and this resource will help you. The_Gospels_in_30Days.pdf