CIA's founders &

Senior pastors

Pastor Darnell and Rochelle are the founders and senior pastors of Church In Action. Throughout the years they have seen hundreds give their hearts to Christ and become passionate followers of Jesus and builders of the church! They are excited about the future of Church In Action and believe that the best is ahead.

Pastor Darnell West

Pastor Darnell is very proud to be a World Harvest Bible College graduate and currently working on his Th.M. (although he rarely mentions it). He is real, raw and relevant! When he preaches, it’s as if he has been sitting by you all week long, listening to your conversations. Seriously, he is "spiritually-combustible!” Prepare to be fired up about your purpose in God! He is the founder and co-pastor of Church In Action along with his wife Rochelle. CIA is a multi-cultural, spirit-filled church in St, Louis that ministers to hundreds every week and thousands every weekend through the launch of Church In Action TV on ABC30. He’s the husband of Rochelle, father of Clayton Alexander, drinker of Chai Tea and lover of Jesus!

Pastor rochelle West

Pastor Rochelle is no stranger to pioneering churches. Her family actually helped start several churches within the United States. If there ever was a "Proverbs 31 Woman”, she is that person. She earned degrees in Accounting and Business Management, and was doing very well in her professional career until God interrupted her plans to live a “safe life!” She often says that life is never boring in the ministry. She enjoys doing life & teaching alongside her husband, sipping on Starbucks, raising Clayton Alexander and managing all the day-to-day affairs of Church In Action.