cia students

Church In Action Students (Junior High, High School & College) is a dynamic new approach to connect students in a life-giving relationship with Jesus and help them get planted within the church. Our vision is to put students in motion by leading them through the same process we are all in…being pastored in small groups, trained and equipped in the growth track, and launched into their purpose through the dream team. To do that we have redefined Wednesday nights to make them more intentional to that end.

•1st Wednesday: All students are encouraged to attend the First Wednesday service. Starts at 7 PM.

•2nd & 3rd Wednesday: All students from all campuses will gather at South County campus in the youth auditorium for “Motion Night.” This will be an incredible night of worship and teaching focused on inspiring students to take the ‘next step’ in their relationship with God. Starts at 7 PM. Transportation from our campuses is provided.

• 4th Wednesday: All students gather together at South County campus for Team Night! Team Night is all about training, equipping, and sustaining students who serve on the Dream Team. It also provides an additional opportunity for students to complete the Growth Track. If you want to join the Dream Team or jump on the Growth Track then Team Night is for you. Starts at 7 PM.